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Urdu Book Taqreeb Majmooa Mazameen By Anwar Masood Read online Free some of the most popular poets and writers of Urdu and Punjabi languages. Anwar Masood (Urdu: انورمسعود ), (born November 8, ) is a Pakistani poet known for his comic poetry. However, his works include other genres as well. Explore hifsa khan's board "anwar masood funny poetry", followed by مشہور مزاحیہ شاعری از ارشد ملک | Urdu Books and Novels Poetry Books, Urdu Poetry.

That is the quality that makes her the great singer that she is. Madam was a true empress who ruled the music industry for over five decades. Fierce jealousies and rivalries exist in the business. It is an industry full of goons, hoodlums and criminals. The competition is fierce. Survival is tough. Ethics, laws, rules and codes of conduct do not exist.

Anything goes. Men have found it difficult to survive in the decidedly perilous world of music. Yet, Noor Jehan ruled it for over half a century with a uniquely becoming but decidedly impudent imperiousness. You did manage to make her very angry once by releasing several cassettes of Musarrat Nazir in a short period of time? Oh yes. She vowed never to work with EMI again. No one at EMI was able to placate her anger. The task of calming her down finally fell in my lap.

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Were you successful in calming her down? Yes, I was. She saw the sense in my argument and calmed down. Where is Musarrat Nazir nowadays?

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She has become very old and lives with her equally old husband in Canada, near Viagra Falls. Do you mean Niagara Falls? If you say so. It seems that you like to work more with newcomers than with established actors. I do not like to work with stars. I cannot deal with arrogance, misbehavior and indiscipline.

I like professionalism and believe that people should be reliable, dependable and trustworthy. I enjoy associating with people who are polite, cultured and well-mannered.

A lot of the stars, the big ones in particular, lack these qualities, nowadays. I avoid working with them. The misbehavior that you talk seems to be more common in the younger generation of actors.

Yes, that is true. These kids have never read a book. They have never had an original thought. And they have never learned to be introspective. They do not understand our culture, values and morals. Why do they not understand these?

They do not understand these because of easy money. When one does not have to earn money, when one is handed everything on a plate and when one has never had to work hard for anything, the first thing that is lost is respect. Intellect is next, followed by ethics, morals and principles. We are left with people who are unaware of the difficulties involved in making money the honest way.

They equate success with monetary worth.

They do not worry about the legitimacy of the source of their wealth. They are content if they have money and social standing. Of course, such people have no understanding of our values, morals and culture. You are a person of many talents. Your sublings are a very talented lot as well. Your elder sister, Fatima Suariya Bajiya, is a celebrated writer and Zehra Nigah is a distinguished poet.

Zubaida Tariq, is a renowned chef and well-known media personality. Sughra Kazmi was a pioneer in the field of bridal wear whereas Sara Naqvi was a scientist and a journalist.

Your brother, Ahmed Maqsood, was a senior civil servant. What was it about your upbringing that produced so many luminaries in a single household? There was an abundance of love and a dearth of money in our household.

When our parents passed, they left us nothing but a collection of books.

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We lo ed talki g to ea h other and valued the art of meaningful conversation. There was a lot of love for music, literature and poetry in our household. Poets and writers used to visit our home regularly. My maternal grandfather was a student of Mirza Daagh Dehlavi. He used to teach us Urdu with a special focus on proper pronunciation, diction and reading style.

We were encouraged to memorize the works of great poets. My 10 maternal grandmother was a student of classical music. I remember Jaddan Bai coming to our home and singing for the family. If I am to summarize, three things contributed to our upbringing.

One, there was no focus on money and material things. Two, there was a great fondness for the arts. Three, there was a lot of love between the ten of us and we enjoyed each other s o pa y.

Which one of the ten of you is the most talented? I would say Fatima Suariya Bajiya. She is a great woman. Our father passed away when he was only forty-two years old. After his death, Bajiya took over the responsibility of running the household and raising her nine siblings.

I admire the strength, selflessness and generosity with which she carried out the responsibility. New Releases. Add to Wishlist.

PDF The Poetry of Piety: An Anotated Anthology of Christian Poetry Free Books

Anwar Masood Urdu: However, his works include other genres as well. He writes in Punjabi, Urdu and Persian languages. His poetry gives the message of the original and pure culture of Punjab. Masood is a unique Punjabi poet who is popular among the masses. This funny Urdu Shayari will make you happy with quality of Urdu poetry. Dukhi Shayari is bonus of Anwar Masood poetry readers. Here are features that make this app better than all other Anwar Masood Poetry apps — - Very user friendly and easy to navigate.

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View details. It is the collection of essay and columns of Anwar Masood. These articles wrote on different occasions and personalities and later published in the book shape. The author introduced some significant figures and their work. Anwar Masood is […]. Ghuncha Phir Laga Khilne Writer: The book contains the funny poetry.

Anwar Masood is a famous poet of Punjabi language. Most of his poetry contains humor. He used the ordinary things and deeds to satire. Anwar Masood presented his poetry […].

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Qata Kalami Writer: Anwar Masood is the author of Qata Kalami. It includes funny poems and stanzas of Anwar Masood. Anwar Masood is a great name in Punjabi literature.There was an abundance of love and a dearth of money in our household.

And who have been good comedic actors? They are content if they have money and social standing.

And money is the reason. Letter Yet, despite all her idiosyncrasies, she was a wonderful person, a truly great singer and a sincere friend. Romantic There have been a few others as well.